All Alone

2018 Bobo Jelčić


Divorced father Marko is hardly ever alone: he is surrounded on all sides by family, friends, co-workers and neighborhood fixers. Yet he is driven to the brink by limited contact with the one person he loves more than anyone – his daughter, who lives with her mother. When he starts the legal proceedings to get more time with his child, he enters the Kafkaesque world of a social-services system in meltdown. His fierce, paternal love for his child is both the source of his misery and his greatest joy.


Cast: Rakan Rushaidat Miki Manojlović Snježana Sinovčić Šiškov Lea Breyer Crew: Screenplay: Bobo Jelčić Producer: Zdenka Gold Production Company: Spiritus Movens Cinematographer: Erol Zubčević Editor: Vladimir Gojun Sound Designer: Ranko Pauković Production Designer: Željka Burić Costumes: Katarina Zaninović Makeup Tina: Jesenković Casting: Oriana Kunčić Technical Information: Original Title: Sam samcat | 73‘ | Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 | Colour | Shot on Arri Alexa Mini | Audio 5.1 | Croatian | Croatia