Dead body welcome

2014 Kees Brienen


Dead body welcome is based on a true story about the journey filmmaker Kees Brienen undertook to see the phenomenon of the total solar eclipse. Upon arrival in India he finds out his best friend Ritchy had passed away. The trip suddenly becomes a search for a dead body, trying to understand and accept what had happened to him. Kees finds his friend up in the mountains, does what he needs to do, discovering new perspectives on love, life and death.


Cast / Kees Brienen, Naresh Choowdri, Mister Pala Bhutia, Big Mama Amma Ongel. Screenplay / (i love you so much) Desiree Duwel Cinematography / Benito Strangio Editors / Menno Boerema + Kees Brienen Abstract cinema + music / Martijn van Boven Sound design / rec sound / Chris Wiegel + Melcher Meirmans Creative adviser / Elisa Miller Assistent director / Rohit Shekar Director / Kees Brienen Producers / Kees Brienen + Annemiek van Gorp + René Goossens Distributie / Mokum Filmdistributie Contact / Rieks Hadders Lijnbaansgracht 209 D, 1016 XA Amsterdam M / +31 (0)6-29 535 043 E /