The Kaiser of Atlantis

Imagine there wasn’t a film about Anne Frank, the Warsaw pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman, or about Oskar Schindler. That is the

All Alone

Divorced father Marko is hardly ever alone: he is surrounded on all sides by family, friends, co-workers and neighborhood fixers.

Rêve au Tuschinski

After 50 years of exile, an old man comes back to the cinema of his childhood.


A lonely boy, who lives in Amsterdam with his refugee mother from Kosovo

Chronique de mon village

Chronique de mon village is the story of Bachir’s childhood during the Algerian war of independence.

Cat and mouse

The story about the tragic death of a small child and the impact on the people involved.

To the Center of the Earth

What can possibly drive this humble man to undertake such an epic exploration in the Andean highlands of northern Argentina?

Greencard Warriors

Greencard Warriors depicts the tragic struggle of an undocumented Latino family in Los Angeles after they have sent their eldest son to war.


"Summer" is a film about growing pains, about young people craving for independence while also needing to fit in.

Above us all

In the film ABOVE US ALL the young Australian girl Shay tries to find a way to cope with her mother’s death

Sexy Money

A musical documentary about the emancipation of Nigerian women who have been exploited and humiliated as prostitutes in Europe.

Dead body welcome

A true story based on the journey filmmaker Kees Brienen undertook to see the phenomenon of the total solar eclipse.

And Then One Day

Alia and Hamza are a young Moroccan couple in love. Confronted with a controversial law to ban the wearing of headscarves.


An unusual road movie in terms of self-reflection.

I am the same, I am another

A man in his thirties is on the run with a young girl. As they take a ferry to the UK, traces of a common past come to light.

La Cantante de tango

In Buenos Aires lijdt de tangozangeres Helena erg onder de breuk met haar grote liefde.

The Secret of Catharine the Great

An 80-minute film about the erotic chambers that Catherine the Great had built to her own tastes and design over 200 years ago at her summer residence.

The Mystery of the Sardine

When Tim Chesterton-Brown, lecturer in philosophy, has his legs blown off in a mysterious bomb attack we enter the mystery of the sardine.

Lost Persons Area

Lost Persons Area is een verhaal over mensen verloren in de meanders van het leven.


Crepuscule is a beautiful old word for dusk. Or maybe a little more than just dusk: the moment dusk becomes night.

On the old roman road

Levon is a writer of Armenian extraction who lives in Rotterdam. He thinks back on his life in his homeland.


A fresh and unexpected celebration of the richness of Shakespeare’s language and theatre.


Story about the 8-year-old Valentin, a smart Argentinian boy, who is abandoned by his parents and now lives with his grandmother.

Una Ballata Bianca

In an apartment, the life of an elderly couple, married for many years, evolves like an old record player: slow and repetitious.

The referee

The urge for triumph turns a harmless game into danse macabre. There is no Referee to judge that game.

The Letter

Petar is an intruder. He has skills to break into people’s lifes, to break into their privacies