On the waterfront

1998 Diverse Regisseurs


Without wanting to doubt the great practical usefulness of ports and their economic importance, this is not what matters in the role of the port in the world of cinema. In the film, port cities are mythical and legendary locations. Places of both hope and despair. Places where, since time immemorial, the most diverse drifted people washed ashore. From far away and always going on. Always new temporary extras in the atmospheric setting of port caf, ‘s and red light districts. Places where not all journeys are legal, smuggle rampant, trade unions are corrupt and organized crime almighty.

In short, a dark and romantic world that served and serves as a backdrop for fantastic films.


Michael Pilz / Havana, Cuba Mahamat Saleh Haroun / New York Jem Cohen / New York Nathalie Alonso Casala / St. Petersburg Garin Nugroho / Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Lou Ye / Shanghai Chris Petit / Tilbury Pablo Trapero / Buenos Aires Jon Jost / Persoonlijke archief Laura Waddinton / Porto Marghera, Venetië, Yugoslavia, Greece, Libanon en Syria IFFR in samenwerking met De Productie.