Cindy Jansen


In Prince of Muck, Dutch Director Jansen brings a cool, seemingly detached ‘outside eye’ to a classic Scottish scenario, as a Laird surveys his Life and Land.  Just as the themes and exact cinematic language in Jansen’s first mid-length documentary film, Auld Lang Syne, reveal complex family ties at play, here too, the carefully constructed narrative gives space to inter-generational tensions, to slow-burn, dramatic effect.

Lawrence MacEwen and Jenny MacEwen
Colin MacEwen, Ruth MacEwen, Mary Fichtner-Irvine
Oscar, Hugh, Tara, Alex, Magnus
Director of Photography Julian Schwanitz
Sound Bob McDougall and Susanne Helmer
Editors David Arthur and Katharina Wartena   
Sound Design and Composer David McAulay
Re-recording Mixer Bart Jilesen
Colourist and Online Editor Laurent Fluttert
Film Consultants Suzanne van Voorst, Dick Tuinder
Executive Producer Mark Thomas
Producers René Goossens, Annemiek van Gorp, Grant Keir