The Letter

1999 Vasil Hristov


Petar is an intruder. He has skills to break into people’s lifes, to break into their privacies. He observes, examins, studies them. He brings people’s lifes to numbers, to simple statistical data. Data by which he comprehends the chaos. The chaos of life. And just as God, Petar only observes lives and does not interfere with the events. However, it is not in a human nature to remain distant and not to interfere with the reality at all. Especially not when Petar’s help is desperately needed. When he sees himself as the ultimate savior of somebody’s life Petar has to act.

But for the people, the line between benevolence and crime is so thin that they can not clearly distinguish these two. They can’t recognize and trust an altruism without suspicion. They are bound to disfigure and misjudge any atempt for openhearted aid and call it a fraud or concealed attempt for an assault. Therefore, the savior has to be destroyed.


Cast / Branko Gjorcev, Silvija Stojanovska, Aleksandar Mikic, Emil Ruben Director / Vasil Hristov Production / Goran Acevski, Vasil Hristov, René Goossens, Annemiek van Gorp Script / Vasil Hristov Photography: / Vlatko Samuilovski Art direction: / Nikola Lazarevski Sound / Angele Kuzmanovski With support of / The Macedonian Ministry of Culture and Het Nederlands Fonds voor de Film