Una Ballata Bianca

1999 Stefano Odoardi


In an apartment, the life of an elderly couple, married for many years, evolves like an old record player: slow and repetitious. The woman suffers from an incurable disease and has little time left to live. They have always lived quietly, but now even more so. Words can no longer express meaning. The presence of death makes every single action between the elderly couple, both important and definite. A film about the flexibility of sadness. Can a farewell contain a new beginning?

Stefano Odoardi
Stefano Odoardi , 17/03/1967, is an Italian film-maker, who lives between Italy and Holland. He made different short films that have been selected in various international film festivals and broadcasted on tv.

Una ballata bianca
Lenght: 78’
Format: 35mm color, 5 reels, ratio 1:1.85
Country: Italy / Holland, October 2006
Language: Italian with English sunbtitles


With / Nicola Lanci, Carmela Lanci, Simona Senzacqua, Cristina e Andrea Voices / Sergio Fiorentini, Gordana Miletic Music / Carlo Crivelli played by Orchestra Città Aperta Scenario / Kees Roorda, Stefano Odoardi Cinematography / Tarek Light design / Victor Nieuwenhuijs Montaggio / Tarek, Stefano Odoardi Sound editing / Willem Cramer Re – Recording mixing / Jan Willem van den Brink Costums / Franca De Martis Art directions / Stefano Odoardi Associate producer / Nicola di Tullio Production leader / Maartje Seyferth Directed by / Stefano Odoardi Producers / C.F.H.C. soc.coop (IT Alessio Rigido, Moskito Film (NL Victor Niewenhuijs, Maartje Seyferth), Image Grabbing (NL Tarek), De Productie (NL Annemiek van Gorp, René Goossens), O film (NL/IT Stefano Odoardi) Scenario written with support of the Dutch film Fund