In Development

The Last Days – feature by Maartje Seyferth and Victor Nieuwenhuijs
Max, a very old man charged with a ‘wrong’ war past, tries to find the truth about his past actions as he approaches the end of his life. But in a violent confrontation with reality, he must recognize his inability to do so. His memories turn out to be self-fulfilling, doubtful, unreliable and susceptible to multiple interpretations.

Hevi – feature by Reber Dosky screenplay by Emily Reekers and Reber Dosky
When Sara, a prostitute from the city of Mardin, secretly takes care of a wounded Kurdish warrior, an impossible love unfolds between them. Impossible because both themselves as well as their strife and hate colored environment, have actually lost sight of love.

Happy Together – feature by Ger Poppelaars screenplay by Rogier Proper and Ger Popelaars
The idyll of a newly formed Dutch-Surinamese family, hiking through the magic wild of the Auvergne and Cévennes, turns into an nightmare when the woman is confronted with her resentful former French lover.

Hollander – feature by Miriam Kruishoop
A drug smuggler who has just been released from a long prison sentence, decides to help a Syrian refugee and hopes to redeem himself and his troubled past.

Perfect Trinker – feature by Igor Heitzmann screenplay Igor Heitzmann & Katharina Held
Life is too beautiful not to waste it.
Nana, 40, is the perfect drinker. Her rush is as passionate as a love affair, and she tries to live her life, with all its highs and lows, to the absolute fullest. Until her body gives up on her, and she finds herself hovering on the brink of death. Nana starts saying farewell to her old life. She will have to reinvent herself, if she wants to see her son grow up.

Derailed – feature by Wahid Sanouji
The environment in which you grow up makes you who you become.
A hopeful young man derails by the oppression of his environment into a distraught victim.

Claustro – feature by Marcel Visbeen screenplay Peer Wittenbols and Marcel Visbeen
It seemed like a simple sacrifice: you let yourself be locked up for one day in exchange for a life in complete freedom. But he never counted on it that he wouldn’t be alone.