In Development

10 Songs for Charity – Karin Junger

This rags-to-riches story features Charity and her sister, Happy, who are 25 and 16 years old respectively, and living in the slums of Lagos. Both girls dream of a better future, more specifically, owning their own car dealership.
Disenchanted with the dreary life of the slums, the pair take the bold step of moving to Europe, in search of fortune and that better life than the one they’ve always known. Naturally, being in a new and strange land is a struggle, and comes with a unique set of challenges and adversity. But with strength, determination, and some help from other women they meet along the way, Charity and Happy manage to keep their heads up and turn their dreams into a reality.

Shangri-La (Paradise Under Construction) – Mirka Duijn

A Tibetan tourist destination in China recently presented scientific proof that it is Shangri-La, a fictitious place in the classic novel, ‘Lost Horizon’. This film excavates layers of fact and fiction, and uncovers truths and lies of the place to find that the elusive (present day) truth is in the hands of the tourists and filmmakers themselves.

But If Your Hole Laughs – Dick Verdult 

In a world where everything is for sale, some make looking ridiculous seem legitimate, and are even able to transform it into emblems of prestige. A young woman has the means to hire actors to visualize her erratic life in stages. Only afterwards does she realize that by organizing this reflection, a sour truth emerges, although the film ends with a releasing laugh. Premise: “What are you looking at? I am only dancing on the table.”

Prince of Muck – Cindy Jansen

The retired patriarch Lawrence MacEwen is at the end of his life. As ‘Laird of Muck’, it was his life mission to preserve the fragile society on the Scottish island for the future. He seems to find success in his efforts, but at what cost?

Clockwork Universe – Cindy Jansen

A middle-aged man is convinced to lead a successful life until he is confronted with age spots on his body that shake his infallible self-image. This physical “decay” becomes the catalyst for the exposure of its social and emotional limitations.

Last Days (Three People) – Maartje Seyferth & Victor Nieuwenhuijs

Max, a very old man charged with a ‘wrong’ war past, tries to find the truth about his past actions as he approaches the end of his life. But in a violent confrontation with reality, he must recognize his inability to do so. His memories turn out to be self-fulfilling, doubtful, unreliable and susceptible to multiple interpretations.

5 x 8 Rayke Verhoeven (regie, scenario) en Raoul de Jong (scenario) 

Leonel Ruby is 30 years old. Her father Cesare Ruby has recently committed euthanasia. To process that loss, she moves to a Dutch coastal town after years of living abroad.

RÛZJE WYN (Ruis, wind) – Ester Eva Damen

A short, thirty minute film focusing on three Frisian poems, free in the visual form and not strictly illustrative. Elmar Kuyper, Nynke Laverman and Tsead Bruinja are contemporary Frisian poets and performers, performing with a band or electronic music. Filmmaker Ester Eva Damen, who grew up in Friesland, invited them to collaborate and connect the poems with her own memories.