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10 Songs For Charity

Director: Karin Junger

A musical fairy tale about trafficking in women
Two sisters from Lagos end up in prostitution in Belgium via Nigerian women traffickers. They share a flat in a drab suburb with three other women, just like them in search of more prosperity and happiness. They endure the exploitation and humiliation with humor, resilience and song until one day it becomes too much for them, they rebel and sing off the rage.


Directed by: Karin Junger
Written by: Karin Junger, Brigit Hillenius, Ijeoma Grace Agu
Production company: De Productie (NL) 
Producer: Annemiek van Gorp, René Goossens
Coproducers: Minds Meet (BE), House5 Productions (Nigeria)
Line Producer: Koen Fransen
Cinematographer/DoP: Danny Elsen
Sound: Jac Vleeshouwers
Set Designer: Philippe Bertin
Editor: Patrick Minks
Sound Editor/Mix: Mark Glynne
Music Supervisor: Justin Hendrik
Composers: Morien van der Tang , Takura Tendayi, Faried Jhauw, Jheynner Argote, Ricardo Burgrust, Josh Edmondson, Charity Daw, Niels Nieuborg, Jasper Cremers, Nneka Egbuna, Eddy ‘Drummakid’ Addai, Tienus Konijnenburg

Main Cast
Ijeoma Grace Agu, Omoteniola Famodimu, Morganna Love Aleizah, Shirma Rouse, La Baby Jacqueline Morales, Jeroen Perceval, Sam Louwyck.
Genre: drama, musical
Language: Dutch, English
Film running time: 1.55
Screening format: DCP
Shooting Format: 4K
Color: Color
Aspect ratio: 1:2,39 (SCOPE)
Speed/Frame Rate: 24fps
Sound Format: 5.1
Country: The Netherlands, Belgium, Nigeria