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King of the Maas

“King of the Maas” takes place in the port of Rotterdam, in particular at the three main locations

-The headquarters of Jaap Koning, on his site at the Maashaven, where the Fa. Koning trades in anchors and chains for sea-going vessels.

-The penthouse of the (broken) family Koning on the top floor of a Rotterdam skyscraper on the harbor.

-The café “Chez Nellie” by Nellie Funhoff, a spacious old harbor café on Katendrecht where many dock workers come during the day, and nowadays many young people in the evenings, a new impulse, partly due to young bar staff.

Thematically, this series is very simply about the time-honored clash of generations and their norms, embodied on the one hand by seasoned harbor tycoon Jaap Koning and café owner Nellie Funhoff and on the other hand by Jaap’s children JJ and Bobbie with their friends and also Nellie’s son Daniel.

Jaap and Nellie have seen the world port grow from a romantic, irregular jumble of trade and transport to an endless cosmopolitan transit port and storage of container mountains and oil stocks. For the new generations, this dynamic port is a challenge to find their own way with all possible modern means that can bring them prosperity, wealth and a little luck.

Simply put: the story of a generational conflict, the story of youth who want to stand on their own two feet.