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IF Yes, Okay

Director Dick Verdult

If Yes, Okay is a black comedy by director Dick Verdult and tells the story of Amy, a young girl from a wealthy family who has never been told “No” in her entire life.

To dispel her boredom, she decides one day to hire a complete theater company to have scenes from her life reenacted in a shed set up as a theater near her parents’ house.

Gradually, as theater and reality start to merge more and more, Amy discovers that, contrary to what has always been told to her, the world cannot be made and cannot be controlled just like that. She discovers that life is about fundamentally different things than money and status.


Lola Koppen – Amy
Peter Fengler – Driver
Ekaterina Levental – Mother
Harun Bahasoean – Father
Tim Teunissen – Barry
Katrien van Beurden – Rabindranah
Chris Koolmees – Physician
Izah Hankammer – Amy Buki
Karlijn de Groot – Mother Buki
Luk Sponselee – Father Buki
Pedro Buschi – Music teacher
Michiel Romeyn – Assasin

Main crew
Script and director 
Dick Verdult
Director of Photography Luuk Bouwman
Sound Kees de Groot
Production Designers Billy Leliveld
Jan Willem van der Schoot
Make up and hair design Leendert van Nimwegen
Wardrobe Petra Reijnders
Editing Peter Boonstra
Colour grading Laurent Fluttert
Sound Design Jeroen Goeijers
Music Dick Verdult
Production Manager Tomas van Gorp
Associate Producer Harro Presser
Produced for De Productie by Annemiek van Gorp, René Goossens
Made with support of the Netherlands Film Fund and Brabant C

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