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Director: Alejandro Agresti

Venerable Argentinian filmmaker Alejandro Agresti turns his lens to his own childhood in this nostalgic coming-of-age tale. Set in the director’s hometown of Buenos Aires circa 1964, Valentin centers around its title character (and ostensible stand-in for the director), a nine-year-old boy (Rodrigo Noya) whose feuding parents have left him to be raised by his sage, eccentric grandmother (Carmen Maura).With his father (Agresti) visiting only occasionally, Valentin is left to look to the other men in the neighborhood for father figures, and to replace his absent mother, he warms to Leticia (Julieta Cardinali), one of his father’s many short-term girlfriends. When he tells her personal secrets about his father, however, Valentin jeopardizes their relationship.


Cast / Rodrigo (Noya Valentín), Carmen Maura (Grandmother), Alejandro Agresti (Father), Julieta Cardinali (Leticia), Jean Pierre Noher (Uncle Chiche), Mex Urtizberea (Rufo, The piano teacher), Carlos Roffé (Dr. Galaburri), Lorenzo Quinteros (Man in bar), Marina Glezer (Teacher), Stéfano de Gregorio (Roberto), Fabián Vena (The Priest)
Directed by / Alejandro Agresti
Writer / Alejandro Agresti


  • Netherlands Film Festival / Golden Calf; Best Director of a Feature Film, Alejandro Agresti; 2002.
  • Mar del Plata Film Festival / ACCA Jury – Special Mention Best Film; Special Jury Award; both for Alejandro Agresti; 2003.
  • Newport International Film Festival / Audience Award, Best Feature, Alejandro Agresti; 2003.
  • Oslo Films from the South Festival / Audience Award; Alejandro Agresti; 2003.
  • Argentine Film Critics Association Awards / Silver Condor; Best Art Direction, Floris Vos; Best Director, Alejandro Agresti; Best Editing, Alejandro Brodersohn; Best Film; Best Music, Paul M. van Brugge; Best New Actor, Rodrigo Noya; Best Original Screenplay, Alejandro Agresti; 2004.
  • Imagen Foundation Awards / Imagen Award, Best Picture; 2004.


  • Oulu International Children’s Film Festival / Starboy Award, Alejandro Agresti; 2003.
  • Argentine Film Critics Association Awards / Silver Condor; Best Cinematography, Jose Luis Cajaraville; Best Sound, Fernando Soldevila; Best Supporting Actor, Mex Urtizberea; Best Supporting Actress, Julieta Cardinali, Best Supporting Actress, Carmen Maura; 2004.
  • Cartagena Film Festival / Golden India Catalina; Best Film, Aejandro Agresti; 2004.
  • Young Artist Awards / Young Artist Award Best International Feature Film; 2004.