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Prince of Muck

Director Cindy Jansen2021 In Prince of Muck, retired patriarch, Lawrence MacEwen, is beginning to live out his final days.  As Laird of the Isle of Muck,… Read More »Prince of Muck


Director: Ana Vaz 2020 Apiyemiyekî? is a cinematographic portrait that departs from Brazilian educator and indigenous rights militant Egydio Schwade’s archive – Casa da Cultura de Urubuí – found in his home at Presidente Figueiredo (Amazonas), where over 3.000 drawings made by the Waimiri-Atroari, a people native to the Brazilian Amazon, during their frst literacy experience are currently kept. Te drawings document and construct a collective visual memory from their learning process, perspective and territory while attesting to a series of violent attacks they were submitted to during the Military Dictatorship in Brazil.  Credits A film by Ana Vaz made with the generous support of Egydio Schwade  … Read More »Apiyemiyeki


Peter van Houten IFFR 2019 After WWII, Dutch artist Pierre Raaijmakers bought a house in the French Pyrenees, and went to live in it with… Read More »Miel-Emile

poster All Alone

All alone

Director: Bobo Jelčić Kroatië, 2018 Divorced father Marko is hardly ever alone: he is surrounded on all sides by family, friends, co-workers and neighbourhood fi-xers.… Read More »All alone

The Journey

Mohamed Al Daradji Baghdad, 2006. Sara enters Baghdad station with sinister intentions for its reopening ceremony. As she braces to commit an unthinkable act, her… Read More »The Journey

Cat and mouse

Director: Maartje Seyferth & Victor Nieuwenhuijs2016 Cat and mouse unfolds in a deserted, unidentified European landscape. It tells of the tragic death of a small… Read More »Cat and mouse


Director: Colette Bothof 2014 Anne is sixteen and lives in a remote village in the Southern Netherlands. A forgotten spot where the seemingly endless fields… Read More »Summer

Above us all

Director: Eugenie Jansen 2014 Together with her father and brother Kelab, Shay ends up in the Belgian town of Ypres, where they find a home… Read More »Above us all

Sexy Money

Director: Karin Junger 2014 In recent years, a growing group of illegal prostitutes from West Africa has settled in the suburbs of major cities both… Read More »Sexy Money


Director: Fow Pyng Hu 2012 Young Nick, charming, talented, but restless and fickle, works as chef in a restaurant. After his girlfriend has kicked him… Read More »Nick


Maartje Seyferth, Victor Nieuwenhuijs2010 – 85 min. An old-fashioned butcher acts out his perverted sexual fantasies with his wife between the hanging cadavers. The filming… Read More »Meat


Director: Maartje Seyferth & Victor Nieuwenhuijs2000 In this impressionistic experimental drama, a woman walks a fine line between sanity and madness in a world of… Read More »Crepuscule


Director: Michal Shabtay1999 A fresh and unexpected celebration of the richness of Shakespeare’s language and theatre in exploring the character of Shylock in The Merchant… Read More »Shylock


Director: Alejandro Agresti2000 Venerable Argentinian filmmaker Alejandro Agresti turns his lens to his own childhood in this nostalgic coming-of-age tale. Set in the director’s hometown… Read More »Valentin

The Letter

Director Vasil Hristov1999 Petar is an intruder. He has skills to break into people’s lifes, to break into their privacies. He observes, examins, studies them.… Read More »The Letter

The referee

Director: Vasil Hristov2001 The urge for triumph turns a harmless game into danse macabre. There is no Referee to judge that game. There is no… Read More »The referee